Product Development and Package Design for a new line of aromatherapy products. As hydraAromatherapy's Designer and Product Engineer, Shasta was responsible for formulating the essential oil blends and Sparkling Bath Soak recipe. She also sourced ingredients and established relationships with new vendors to create custom wooden displays and printed heat-seal pouches.  She wrote mantras to promote mindfulness and placed them inside the packaging for an experience of discovery.
I worked with a local manufacturer to create custom wooden displays
Sparkling Bath Soaks in 4 styles
Discover a mantra inside the box
Pulse Point Balms in a custom wooden display
Shower Bursts are fizzing tablets that release aromatherapy in the shower
Unwind aromatherapy blend
I designed a variety pack box with a window to feature the colorful foil
I designed a box to hold 2 Shower Bursts

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